Teamwork is at the core of every modern organization. By fostering collaboration, it's a defining characteristic of every successful institution. You can enhance all the capabilities and features of Blackboard Learn by pairing them up with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams classes

Available in Ultra Course View courses only, our Microsoft Teams classes integration allows you to bring in the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams into your Learn instance. Your classes may include real-time conversations, video meetings, or asynchronous interactions. You can add file sharing and co-creation experiences for your students. All in one place. Microsoft Teams with Learn dredefines the dynamics of teaching and what effective learning means. This integration streamlines the process of creating meeting sessions and setting them up as Microsoft Teams chats. The open access links to the session created by Microsoft Teams are added to the Course Outline in the Ultra Course View and as calendar entries in the Learn course calendar.

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Microsoft Teams classes is available in Ultra Course View courses only

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Teams Meetings provides the ability to invite your class to join you in an online virtual call, allowing users to view past and upcoming meetings, schedule individual or recurring meetings, and join the Teams meetings related to the course directly from Learn Ultra. Teams Meetings also interacts with Teams classes in Ultra and will become automatically enabled when Microsoft Teams is enabled in your course, allowing you to schedule meetings in Teams for specific channels in your Class.

Microsoft Teams Meetings is available in Ultra and Original Course View courses

Microsoft Teams Scheduler (Guest Access)

Available for use in both Original and Ultra Course View courses, Microsoft has created an application that allows instructors to create a Teams meeting and share that with their students. We've turned that application into an LTI Advantage tool that can be integrated with Learn. Our integration allows users to launch Microsoft Teams Meetings directly within any Learn course.

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