Link tabs display content from an outside Web page in a Blackboard Learn tab. Link tabs can give direct access to other Institutional Web sites for specific institution roles or allow users to access the Web site of an education partner.

Create a link tab

Follow these steps to open the Add Link Tab page.

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Communities, select Tabs and Modules.
  2. Select Tabs.
  3. Point to Create Tab and select Create Link Tab. The following table describes the available fields.
    Create Link Tab Available Fields
    Field Description
    General Properties
    Title [r] Provide a title for the Link tab. The title will appear as the Tab name in the header frame.
    Reference Name Provide a name for the tab that can be easily referenced.
    Web Link [r] Provide the full URL for a Web page. This must be the full URL. For example:

    not or

    The Web page will be accessible through the tab.

    System Availability Select Yes to make the tab available to users.
  4. Select Submit.