A locale is a set of conventions and specifications that govern the formatting of data for output and the interpretation of user input. Such data includes date and time formats, number formats, name presentation, sorting rules, currency symbols, vocabulary, and grammar rules.

Locale code

Each locale has its own particular code, formatted as follows: two lower-case letters indicating the language used in the locale, followed by two uppercase letters indicating the region. For example: en_US. The first two letters indicate the language is English while the last two letters indicate the region is the United States. This is the default locale for Blackboard Learn. All of the important information about a locale is contained in its locale bundle.

Locale bundle

Locale bundles are sets of parameter strings and their values that allow User Interface changes to be made for the current locale. Each locale has numerous locale bundles, each of which corresponds to a specific Blackboard Learn component, such as Blogs or Assessments.

You edit a particular bundle to change the UI elements for that component. These bundles are stored in properties files in the following Blackboard Learn directory: content/locale/locale_code/messages. For example, content/locale/en_US/messages. Each property file is named as follows: bundle_name.properties. For example, blogs.properties.

Each time a change is made to a locale bundle, Blackboard Learn must be restarted. The changes will not appear until after Blackboard Learn has restarted.