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After Blackboard Learn is installed, it adds the bb-collab and bb-tomcat services to the operating system. In addition, for Blackboard Learn to run properly on Windows the SQL Server database must be started. When running on a UNIX operating system the Oracle database must be started and running correctly. When performing maintenance or upgrade tasks it may be necessary to stop some of these services.

If fronting Blackboard Learn with a Web Server you must start and stop this service separately from Blackboard Learn.

For most upgrade tasks, including installing Blackboard Learn software updates, the bb-collab, bb-tomcat, and IIS or Apache services should be stopped, but the database should be running. Additionally it is recommended to temporarily disable anti-virus server software. While this is a good general rule, please refer to the specific instructions for each task to confirm.

Blackboard uses the "service" terminology familiar to Windows users. UNIX users should think of services as processes.

Definition of Blackboard services

bb-collab: The bb-collab service runs the Collaboration Tool within Blackboard Learn. Stopping this service will make the Collaboration Tool unavailable to users.

bb-tomcat: The bb-tomcat service runs the Java® servlet engine. Stopping this service makes any Java servlet pages unavailable to users, including the Login page.

Start and stop services

The ServicesController utility is used to start and stop services. This utility must be run from the command line.


C:\blackboard_home\tools\admin\ServiceController argument


/blackboard_home/tools/admin/ServiceController argument

The following table describes the available argument options.

Available Argument Options
Argument Description
services.start Starts all the services related to the Blackboard Learn.
services.stop Stops all the services related to the Blackboard Learn.
services.restart Stops and immediately starts the services related to the Blackboard Learn.
services.appserver.start Starts the bb-tomcat service.
services.appserver.stop Stops the bb-tomcat service.
services.appserver.restart Stops and immediately starts the bb-tomcat service.

Start and stop the bb-collab service

In rare instances, it may be necessary to stop only the bb-collab service but leave all other services running. For example, when setting up a dedicated collaboration server in a multiple Web/app server configuration it is necessary to stop the bb-collab service on all servers except the collaboration server.

The bb-collab service (as well as the IIS and bb-tomcat services) can be controlled individually through the Services panel on Windows operating systems. UNIX operating system users employ UNIX commands that control processes to manage the bb-collab and apache services.