A mnemonic is an underlined letter or number that appears in a menu title or menu option. When you press it with the ALT key, you activate a command or navigate to an element in the user interface.

Keyboard mnemonics are not supported on the Mac. On Windows, depending on your configuration, you may have to press ALT the key before the menu options to display the underlined letter or number.

Use the following steps to choose a menu option with mnemonics:

  1. Press the ALT key. Note which letter or number (mnemonic) is underlined in the menu name and enter it on your keyboard. The menu options for that main menu open. For example, if you press ALT+F, the File menu opens.
  2. Again, note the mnemonic for the option in the menu and enter it, with or without the ALT key.

    To select a menu option from a sub-menu, repeat step 2.