If you have a hearing or vision impairment, you can use the activity window to report events that take place during a Blackboard Collaborate session. You can use a screen reader to navigate through the user interface and read the events as they occur. You can also perform simple functions through a command-line interface.

Activity Window interface

  1. Show/Hide command input field
  2. Audible notifications filter
  3. Module events filter
  4. Importance of events filter
  5. Close
  6. Toolbar
  7. Event panel
  8. Command input field

Open and close the Activity Window

You can open and close the activity window and access it without diverting your attention from the session in progress. If you move to a different window in Blackboard Collaborate, you can bring the activity window back into focus or activate it.

You also can move, resize, or close the activity window to make it less obtrusive.

On Windows and Mac OS X platforms, the activity window always remains in front of the Blackboard Collaborate main window. On Solaris, if you click the main Blackboard Collaborate window, the activity window moves behind the main window.

You can open or activate the activity window in the following ways:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Control+/ (Windows) or Command+/ (Mac).
  • From the Window menu, click Show Activity. For Windows you can use the mnemonic Alt+W+A.

You can close the activity window in the following ways:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Control+W or Alt+F4 (Windows) or Command+W (Mac).
  • From the Window menu, click Show Activity. For Windows, you can use the mnemonic Alt+W+A.
  • Click Close in the top-right corner of the window.

Resize Activity Window text

By default, the text in the activity window is determined by your operating system-typically 10 or 11 points.

To make the text larger or smaller, right-click (Control+click for Mac) anywhere in the activity window to open the menu. Click Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller. To return to the default size, click Default Size.

Show and hide time stamps

If you want to hide the time stamps, access the importance of events filter and click Hide Times. Click Show Times when you want time stamps to appear again. In the preceding images, the right image shows the activity window with hidden time stamps.