Here is everything you need to know about the X-Ray 2.1 release.

It includes details on major features.

Release schedule

Improved user experience

Course Selection Tool

With X-Ray 2.1 the user experience has gotten a major overhaul. The courses are now validated by the system and only allow the selection of valid courses based on these rules:

  • Have less than 1000 enrolled students
  • Are visible
  • Are not using the Single Activity course format
  • Have had activity in the past four months
  • Have enrolled students
  • Have not been deleted.

In addition, it has a new periodic validator that disables courses that were invalidated by changes in their initial characteristics. All the changes via the periodical validator are being synchronized with Moodle by a scheduled task. 

Disable Risk Report Site Wide

With this release, the Risk Report for courses and domain can be disabled through the xadmin in the domain configuration. This helps to avoid problems with customers that initially do not have the Risk Model or for those that do not buy it. The change in this configuration is being synchronized with Moodle by a scheduled task.