The Intelligent Learning Platform block is part of Blackboard Open LMS Datatel integration. The block provides Datatel clients with the ability to set midterm and final grades for a course, send retention alerts, and view the last date of attendance for a student in the course. The midterm and final grades can also be published directly to the Datatel system.

Configure Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP)

  1. Please view our Administrator Configuration Guide for Datatel Integration for Blackboard Open LMS 2.X.
  2. Right-click and save the following files:

ILP Integration global settings

  • Gradebook Application: This setting determines which application is handling the grade reporting. Default: Moodle
    • Moodle
    • ILP ST
  • Retention alert link: This setting determines if a link to the Datatel retention alert displays to the teacher in the course. Default: Yes
  • Daily attendance link: Display the Daily Attendance {} link? Default: Yes
  • Show last attendance: Display Last Date of Attendance links? Default: Yes
  • Lock Grades: Allow faculty to modify final grades after submission? Default: No
  • Date format: This determines the format of the date for date entry boxes. YYYY represents the four digit year, MM represents the two digit month and DD represents the two digit day. Default: MM/DD/YYYY
    • MM/DD/YYYY
    • DD/MM/YYYY
    • YYYY/MM/DD
  • Category grade cutoff: You can define one or more cutoff dates, after which midterm grades and final grades are no longer visible in either the ILP integration block or the grading form. A cutoff date is associated with a course category and applies to all courses in that category and its subcategories, unless you define a separate cutoff date for a subcategory.
  • Midterm Grades: Number of midterm grades to display Default: 1
  • Additional Grade Letters: Enter additional letter grades that can be submitted for mid-term or final grades, separated by commas.
  • ILP URL: URL to the ILP Portal site
  • Retention alert process ID: The Datatel retention alert process ID Default: CORE-WBCOS067
  • Attendance process ID: The Datatel attendance process ID Default: ST-WESTS041
  • ST Gradebook process ID: The Datatel ST Gradebook process ID Default: ST-GBS005
  • Token: This string is passed along with Web service requests from the Datatel Portal.
    • (A range)
    • http://<site url="">/blocks/intelligent_learning/webservices/course.php
    • http://<site url="">/blocks/intelligent_learning/webservices/enroll.php
    • http://<site url="">/blocks/intelligent_learning/webservices/user.php
    • http://<site url="">/blocks/intelligent_learning/webservices/groups.php
    • http://<site url="">/blocks/intelligent_learning/webservices/groups_members.php
  • IP Addresses: This setting determines the IP addresses that the Web services accepts requests from. This can be set to the IP range for the Datatel servers to only allow Datatel servers to request data from the Web services. IP addresses can be a comma separated list of subnet definitions.
  • Datatel Web Service Endpoints