Collaborate with the Ultra experience is available as an Activity Module for Blackboard Open LMS!

Now your users can join a Collaborate with the Ultra experience session from their Blackboard Open LMS class. They don't need to install Java or download and open Java-reliant files to their devices. The session opens in a new window or tab, depending on a their browser settings.

When you install and enable the module, your instructors can add Collaborate to their classes. They can create virtual classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces to engage their students in a more collaborative and interactive learning experience.

Install and configure Blackboard Collaborate

Information on installing and configuring the Blackboard Collaborate activity module in the Collaborate help

Use Collaborate

Want to start using Collaborate with the Ultra experience? Jump to Blackboard Collaborate for teachers.


Moderators can record their sessions and share them. The recordings are saved as MP4 files. Users can stream or download them to view them. Recordings capture the audio, video, and any content that is shared during a session. Recordings also capture any real time captions or subtitles available during the session. If there are more than one captions available during the session, the recording will capture only the first one.

More on recording storage on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only)

Students can download the MP4 version of the recording. If you want to turn this off, you need to use our fully featured LTI integration with Moodle instead. To learn more, see LTI integration.


Your preferred language is now passed by default from Moodle to Collaborate.

Collab reports in Open LMS


Collaborate reports provide insights into Collaborate use at your institution.

These reports are available through the Collaborate manager account.

  • Session attendance report
  • Metric report
  • Recording report
  • Attendance report

More on Collaborate reports

Blackboard only provides one manager account for your institution. If you are not sure who this is, request the information on Behind the Blackboard.

Intelliboard also reports on Collaborate sessions. It reports on attendance by course or per learner. You need Intelliboard to see the reports.