Search across your site with ease!

Open LMS users have access to global search features starting in version 3.5. Global search allows users to find content across courses in which they are enrolled using a central search interface.

Enable global search

Steps: Site administration > Advanced features > Enable global search

Select Enable global search and Save changes.

Configure global search content areas

Steps: Site administration > Plugins > Search > Search areas

Determine the content types you want to include in search results by enabling the content search area.

Enable the content area by selecting the Enable icon.

You can enable multiple content areas at a time, you don't have to wait for the page to refresh after each area.

User view

Users see a magnifying glass global search icon in the top right section of their page. Where the icon appears depends on the site and course theme. Hovering over the magnifying glass expands the search bar where users can type their search request.

If users don't see the global search icon, please verify both configuration steps are complete.

Snap theme view:

Boost theme view:

Add more filters to the search results by expanding the Filter menu.