Site administrators can set the name of the website, the content available on the front page (homepage) when users are not logged into the site, and the content available when users do login.

Set the Front Page

Steps: Front page settings > Edit Settings

  1. Access the front page as the site administrator.
  2. From Front page settings select Edit Settings.
  3. Change any of the settings available on the Front page settings page:
    • Type the Full site name to appear as the homepage or course page title.
    • Type the Short name for site to appear as the subtitle.
    • Type the Front page description to appear as the homepage or course page description.

      This summary can be displayed on the front page using the course/site summary block or by including a topic section on the front page.

    • Select the blocks to appear on the Front page.

      These blocks will appear to all users and guests.

    • Select the content to appear as the Front page items when logged in.

      The items will be displayed on the site's front page when a user is logged in.

    • Set the Maximum category depth for the front page.

      Options include unlimited or 1-99. This amount is the maximum depth of child categories expanded when displaying categories or combo list.

    • Set the Maximum number of courses to display on the front page.

      The default number is 200.

    • Determine whether or not to Include a topic section on the site's front page.
    • Set the number of News items to show on the front page.

      Options include 0-10, with the default of 3.

    • Set the number of Comments displayed per page.

      The default is 15.

    • Determine the type of user as the Default frontpage role.

      Options include Authenticated user on frontpage (default value), Enhanced Student, Student, and Guest.

    • Select whether or not to Use Flexpage on front page format.
  4. Select Save changes when finished.