Ally 1.62.4 | Release to production 30 September 2021

Updated features, Learn integration, Canvas integration, D2L integration

LTI v1.3 Support

Institutions are now able to integrate Ally into their LMS using LTI: v1.3. While no material changes will occur to Ally's functionality - LTI: v1.3. offers an improved security model based on OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and JSON Web Tokens.

Ally will continue to support LTI: v1.1 for the foreseeable future in order to provide institutions time to plan their migration to LTI: v1.3.

For additional information and configuration steps please see documentation for Blackboard Learn, Canvas, and D2L.

Moodle support is planned for a future release.

Canvas Developer Keys

Canvas Developer Keys provide an alternative integration method to the existing access token approach that offers more granular control over the scope and permissions granted to the Ally integration.

More information on Canvas Developer Keys.

Ally 1.62.4 bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug where images were not properly being added to the ePub alternative format for HTML pages in D2L.