Homepage photos

Your template may accommodate the use of a Photo Gallery App on a homepage to display rotating photos. You’ll need to add a Photo Gallery to the homepage, ensure that the images you plan to use are the correct size for the homepage Photo Gallery App and upload the images to the Photo Gallery.

Find the Photo Gallery App in the app showroom

Add a photo gallery to your homepage

  1. Find your site in Site Manager and select Homepage.
  2. Select Manage Apps & Layouts.
  3. Select Add App.
  4. Select Photo Gallery in the first column.
  5. In the second column select Create New.
  6. In the third column type a name for the app.
  7. Select Create.
  8. Select I’m Done.
  9. Select the Photo Gallery.
  10. Type the width for your Photo Gallery and select Let’s Get Started.
  11. Select Options.
  12. On the General tab, select JSON Object as the Gallery Type.
  13. Select Save.

Upload photos to homepage photos

Before uploading photos to your homepage rotating photo gallery, be sure they are the correct size. To locate the correct size, review your template specifications—they can be found in the Template Workspace tab in Site Manager.

  1. From a site select Homepage.
  2. Select the Photo Gallery app.
  3. Select Upload Photos and browse for the photos you want.
  4. Select Upload.
  5. Select Publish.

Photo gallery best practices

  • Use a link to provide your community with more information.
  • Use clear meaningful photos. Your photos should catch the eye of a visitor.
  • Crop your images to highlight the area you want to be seen.
  • Use photos that reflect your website's theme. Repeating your site colors in the images creates a cohesive look that will make your site look great.
  • Add captions and titles to give your visitors more information. If you are using a Title or Caption, don't use words in your images. This can be distracting and difficult for visitors to read.
  • Add five or fewer photos. New visitors that may be seeing your site for the first time may not see all of your photos if you have more than a handful.
  • Keep your photos up-to-date. Out of date photos will create the impression your site is not being maintained.