Exporting grades can be challenging. While some workflows require additional approvals before grades are exported to the Student Information System (SIS), others need grades to be exported automatically without manual intervention. Moreover, some use cases require multiple grade extraction processes to happen simultaneously. As such, grades management needs can vary from one institution to another. Grades Journey is a Blackboard Learn Extension that enhances institutions’ automated grade export and content provisioning workflows by allowing flexible grading processes and management of multiple grade extractions. It can help you simplify and streamline your grade export process right in your existing Learn instance.

Grades Journey allows you to

  • automate the grades exchange between the SIS and the LMS
  • create a grading workflow based on instructor or grader approval with grades transferred to the SIS on an administrator-configured schedule
  • automate the grade extract workflow with no need for instructor interaction or approval
  • manage multiple grade extraction processes that use course and grade column filters to select the grades to be extracted rather than an approval workflow
  • create or update content items based on metadata from the course to column level
  • add a submitter role and customize grading workflows
  • provide feedback and comments to learners