The Content Market is a gateway for your users to find and add valuable external learning materials to their courses, including web-based tools and content from many different providers, such as academic publishers. The items appear in the Course Content page alongside the course materials instructors create, making the experience seamless for students and other course members.

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Partner content in the Content Market

The Content Market is a one-stop shop for instructors to access external content they want to use in their course. Instructors and course builders can access ready-made material from textbook publishers to enhance their curriculum and provide students with supplementary materials that aid in learning.

Blackboard Partner Cloud

If your institution has installed and configured the Blackboard Partner Cloud, your users will be able to access a wealth of materials from these publishers, all in one place.

Leveraging the larger Blackboard Cloud infrastructure, the Partner Cloud allows institutions to access state-of-the-art, high quality educational content from multiple vendors within the Blackboard Learn platform through a single integration framework.

The Partner Cloud Building Block offers a single registration and activation process for content partner integrations. With this Building Block, system administrators have access to the full content inventory available through the Partner Cloud and can efficiently control and manage what commercial content is visible through Blackboard Learn. This new distribution vehicle eliminates the cumbersome process of managing old and new versions of building blocks while also providing customers with access to new features and product improvements more quickly.

In moving to this streamlined technology, Blackboard will continue to incorporate best practices and deploy consistent and native Blackboard Learn workflows for all partner integrations, including:

  • Single sign-on provides instructors and students with the convenience of one login for all course resources.
  • Automated gradebook refresh ensures all assignment grades appear in the gradebook, saving instructors' time.
  • Compliance with student data privacy laws, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), ensures sensitive student information remains protected and secure.

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Institution Tools

In the Ultra Course View, instructors can add external content to their course through the Content Market. The Institution Tools menu within the Content Market lists the tools that have been enabled and configured for the institution as a whole.

The Content Market is available on the Course Content page and the content editor, so instructors and course builders can place third-party content right where they want students to access it.

Institution Tools are created using Learning Tools Interoperability protocol. You can configure LTI connections on the Admin Panel. Learn more about Learning Tools Interoperability, including how to create and manage these tools for your users.

Place an LTI tool using Content-Item Message standard

Content-Item message 1.0 is an LTI specification for exchanging content between LTI tools and Blackboard Learn. Many types of content can be shared, such as static links, embedded images or other media types and files, extending the LTI toolbox and streamlining the process of setting up an LTI tool link. Content-Item message enables external (LTI) tools to appear in the same way that internal tools do.

More on LTI Content-Item message at the IMS Global website

When you place a tool in the Content Market using the Content-Item Message option, instructors and course builders can add third-party content from a trusted provider's website directly, without having to navigate back to Learn. Instructors can add multiple pieces of content at once, rather than adding each piece of content individually.

These abilities depend on how the provider's content is configured. If the tool provider is configured so that the instructor can select multiple pieces of content in a single import, Content-Item Message can save time and simplify the workflow.

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