The purpose of outcomes assessment is to be able to collect the data necessary to conduct ongoing and systematic assessment and evaluation at an institutional level.

Reports are relevant to every outcomes assessment stakeholder, from the president and provost, to faculty members, accreditation committees, and deans and chairs. Each constituent is looking for ways to demonstrate the institution's impact on learning and the effectiveness of teaching. Gathering this information and making it available for general consumption in the appropriate way ensures they can do that.

Outcomes assessment includes additional reports that provide your institution with the visibility that you need to demonstrate progress across your institution and over time. The ability to report on student achievement and teaching effectiveness enables access to performance data across your institution and enables stakeholders to assess return on investment as participation and input can be collected and analyzed.

About reports

Outcomes assessment collects data for analysis and displays the results using reports. Reports are available that apply to academic users ranging from teachers to presidents and provosts. Reports provide the evidence of learning and the effectiveness of the education process. Outcomes assessment includes standard report definitions that you can run in the system.

More report definitions and scheduling and running reports

Outcomes assessment reports

Evidence Assessment Reports
Evidence Evaluation Summary This report provides a summary of the rubric evaluations completed against collected evidence and allows for deeper analysis to support institutional assessment and accreditation efforts.
Download Evaluation Results This report allows the results of rubric evaluations of collected evidence to be downloaded in an XLS format you can use in other third-party reporting tools for deeper analysis.