If you are a Managed Hosting customer, this topic doesn't apply to you.

As of Blackboard Learn 9.1 April 2014 release, IIS is optional.

IIS contains built-in performance counters that can be accessed using any tool or framework that is capable of accessing Windows Performance Counters. The most commonly used tool is Perfmon.

Certain performance counters are worth monitoring for a greater understanding of how IIS contributes to the overall scalability of Blackboard Learn. The most likely issue to emerge is IIS processes being unable to acquire a lock on additional memory.

The following list includes the key data counters to observe:

  • Memory\Pages per second
  • Memory\Available Bytes
  • Memory\Committed Bytes
  • Processor% Processor Time
  • Process (W3WP) Thread Count
  • Thread (W3wp:Thread #)% Processor Time