As a teacher you know that your day doesn't end when the final school bell rings. There are after-school meetings to attend, papers to grade, expenses to budget, and coursework to plan. Edline is not just a communication tool for teachers to reach students and parents; it can be used to reduce printing costs, post grades and other student reports, create interactive discussions and blogs, online study guides, and rollover course materials from previous semesters to save teachers time. With Edline, you will be able to:

  • Keep track of all your school events, including your class schedules, assignments you have posted in classes, athletic games, club meetings, and teacher meetings from one combined calendar.
  • Design the web page for the classes you teach, and control what information will or will not be viewable by your students and their parents.
  • Download documents, assignments, or study-guides from your teacher text book editions and place them online for your students.
  • Be notified of school closings, and be alerted of any other school news important to you.
  • Reuse content you posted to Edline so you do not need to create or post it again next semester or next year.
  • Update your web pages, post your student grades, attendance records, and other reports from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Have peace of mind knowing all your school data is secure.