Create your own group of contacts!

You can create their own static groups to use for messages:

Great for sports - Coaches, create a group for your team and their parents for when you need send them messages.

Use for clubs - Send out meeting reminders or special interest newsletters.

Want to contact only the parents of a specific class? - Select only the parents of one of your classes.

Add a new group

  1. Select the Messages > Groups.
  2. Select Add to create a new group.
  3. Select the School for the group.
  4. Type a Group Name.
  5. Select Private ID for the Group ID to be assigned.
  6. Select the members for your group.
    • Select the folder icon to expand the folders, showing students and parents from your classes or other groups.
    • Add entire folder of names by clicking Select next to the folder. To add individuals, expand the folder and select the individual's name.

      Current members selected will display in the Selected Members list. To remove them, select the name from this list.

  7. Select Save when finished.