Students do not have direct access to Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor). They can only view resources that have been added to a course they are enrolled in. Student view is a limited subset of what is visible to an instructor.

Student Quiz View

For quizzes, students are able to see time restrictions, number of attempts available, prior attempts, and any other delivery settings specified by the instructor.

Once a student has started a quiz, the questions appear all-at-once, one-at-a-time, or with a time limit, depending on the delivery settings set by the instructor.

If displayed one-at-a-time, the student will see Previous, Next, and Save Progress functions below each question. The Next function also allows the student to force-submit a quiz by selecting Submit Quiz from the drop-down list. If the student selects Submit Quiz, and unanswered questions remain, Blackboard Open Content prompts the student to confirm the submission with unanswered questions.

Students can navigate between questions using the quiz question navigator.

Answered questions are darker and unanswered questions are lighter, allowing students to easily see which questions have not been answered. Clicking a question number will take students to that question.

Student Assignment View

For assignments, students are able to:

  • See the number of allowed submissions to the assignment. 
  • See the instructions specified by the resource author -OR- overridden by their instructor using delivery settings. 
  • See any prior submissions. 
  • Submit against the assignment by uploading a file or copy/pasting content into the submission field.

Student Discussion Forum View

For discussions, students are able to:

  • See the instructions and/or seed topic specified by the resource author -OR- overridden by their instructor using delivery settings. 
  • Post comments against the seed topic.
  • Search posts using the discussion search feature on the resource toolbar.

Other actions available from the discussion forum resource toolbar:

  • Previous/Next: Navigate between the previous and next post, scrolling the post to the top of the page.
  • Expand/Collapse: Expand or collapse all posts within the forum.
  • Sort by...: Sort the discussion posts based on Newest, Oldest, Most Liked, and Least Liked.
  • New Post: Create a new post at the top of the page; if the user is scrolled down, the New Post button will automatically scroll the user to the top of the page and focus the user on the new post input box.

The following actions are available on individual posts:

  • Report: Report inappropriate or offensive posts.
  • Comment: Comment on another user's post directly.
  • Edit: Edit your own posts.
  • Delete: Delete your own posts.
  • Like: Like other users' posts.