A powerful feature of Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) resources is the ability to overlay a class discussion relating to a static resource. File, Page, and Link resources each have a Discussion function on the resource toolbar that exposes a discussion forum associated with that resource.

The Discussion function also displays a count of the posts in the discussion forum overlay, allowing you to track the activity within the forum.

Dynamic discussion forum overlays follow the same rules as discussion forum resources.

Report Discussion Posts

You can report a post by clicking the Report link. The post turns red and the report link says Reported. Other users will also see that the post is red and see that it is reported. This is typically used when a post contains something offensive. Users can filter through reported posts using the search feature and looking for the status of Reported.

An instructor can approve a reported post by clicking the Approve link. The post returns back to its normal color, and the link says Report again. The instructor can also edit the post or delete the post, if they so desire.

Users can filter through unapproved posts using the search feature and looking for the status of Unapproved. The approve feature is also used in moderated discussions, if the Instructor must approve posts setting is turned on. In this case, no posts are visible to students unless they are first approved by the instructor.