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Release Notes

Blackboard Data Developer May 2022 Canonical Data Model changes

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 31 May 2022
Developer, CDM Changes, Data Dictionary


Blackboard Learn SaaS CD Releases
Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Status Entry Source Description
2022-05-31 Added Due Date Exception


Blackboard Learn Ultra user due date exception. Null: no due date exception, <=0: unlimited due date exception, >0: limited due date exception with a specified duration in seconds.
2022-05-31 Added Enrollment Time


Date and time of course enrollment.

2022-05-31 Added Time Limit Exception


Blackboard Learn Ultra user time limit exception. NULL: no set time limit exception, 0: time limit exception set to unlimited time limit, 150: time limit exception set to 1.5 times time limit, 200: time limit exception set to 2 times time limit.


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