Community Engagement 10.32

Continuous Delivery 10.32 | Release to Production 12 Oct, 2021
Bug fixes.

Here's what the 10.32 release includes:

  • Bug fixes

Bug fixes

We have resolved the following issues in this release. 

  • Enhanced the reliability of messages

    • Japanese custom messages generated an error in preview. We fixed the issue. 

    • Fixed an issue by adding a validation on the screen when choosing a class/group if no recipients found.

  • Improved the reliability of social media

    • Fixed the issue where social media page threw a red refresh error.

  • Improved Account Management

    • Adding accounts using a .txt file via the 'Upload Account' tab caused the Org ID and listed it as an e-mail address. We fixed this issue. Now it prompts an exception when users upload unrecognised formats

  • Infrastructure changes.

    • None.
  • Backend/DB level changes

    • Fixed an issue where the contact details of the staff failed to show up during a search.

    • Resolved the ngentables issue when the database settings table becomes unavailable.

    • Fixed the cleanUpTempAccounts script to clean up all the child organization accounts

Technical Requirements

Here are the BBComms End User Technical Requirements. The Blackboard Privacy Policy updated to reflect the Blackboard brand.

Refresh your cache

It's always a good practice to clear your browser cache on a regular basis. Refresh your Cache shows you how to clear your cache in any browser.

Resources and materials

As always, you can find resources and materials related to this release as well as to the many features and functions on the Blackboard Help website. Core Resource & Help Topics, Communication App, and Training — we’ve got the information you need to succeed with your BBComms.