Scroll through your educational news feed.

The up-to-the-minute activity stream lets you jump directly into course actions.

You don't need to dig through the system or miss submissions from students. You see a prioritized list of what's relevant to you.

Your activity stream displays information personalized for you based on your selections, called subscriptions. You'll see announcements, blog posts, upcoming events, headlines, and photos from sites you've subscribed to.

Access the activity stream

Access your activity stream from your dashboard. First, subscribe to the schools that matter to you.

If your district has a large number of schools, select the Search icon. In the Find Schools box, type a school's name.

Select the check boxes for the schools you want to subscribe to. Select I'm Done.

Tour the activity stream

Information is organized with the headings Today and Recent.

You can filter the information with the menu. Show more link.

  • Click a moment to display its details. Click the X to return to the Activity Stream.
  • Click the X to collapse the Activity Stream and display only the Sidebar.

Manage your stream

The moments that display within the Activity Stream are dependent upon the sites that you indicate matter to you—your Subscriptions.

When you display the Activity Stream for the very first time, you are asked which sites matter to you. Select the check boxes for each site of interest—these will be your feed sites.

Manage sites that matter—subscriptions

You can modify these initial selections by changing your My Account Subscriptions.

You can add and delete sites as well as choose other moment originating locations.

  1. Select My Account and Edit Account Settings.
  2. Select Subscriptions and Manage Subscriptions.
  3. Select desired sites to add them to your feed. If your district has a large number of sites, use Find Area to search for specific sites.
  4. Select unwanted sites to remove the check mark to delete them from your feed.
  5. Select I'm Done.

You’ll see moments in the Activity Stream from any feed apps placed on the homepages of the sites that you indicated mattered to you.