Category Membership data creates an association between a Course or Organization and a category.

This table details the link data elements.

Category Membership Data Feed Elements
Element Description and Data Type
EXTERNAL_CATEGORY_KEY String. Max length 64. Multi-byte characters accepted.
Not null
Internal numeric Id. Multi-byte characters accepted.
Not null
ROW_STATUS Sets the value of the record to one of the following:
  • Enabled: Normal access to the record.
  • Disabled: Record is visible in some areas of the UI, but may not be changed or accessed.
  • Deleted: Record is scheduled to be removed.
Passed as a string. ("enabled", "disabled", "deleted")
AVAILABLE_IND Establishes the Category Membership availability within Blackboard Learn.
Char(1). Y/N
NEW_DATA_SOURCE_KEY Designates replacement for the current datasource key.
String. Max length 64. Multi-byte characters accepted.
CATEGORY_MEMBERSHIP Defines the category membership.
INTERNAL_ID The internal identification.
INTERNAL_CATEGORY_ID The internal identification for the category.
INTERNAL_GROUP_ID The internal group identification.
NODE_TYPE The type of node.