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    Getting Started

    Understanding the Basics of Edline

    Activating an Account

    Editing Your Staff Directory Profile

    Adding Content

    Adding a Calendar Event

    Adding Links

    Adding a News Item

    Add Links to Content on Dropbox or Google Drive

    Adding Short Items Using the Quick Add Feature

    Adding Folders and Items to a Contents Section

    Adding a Homework Assignment

    Adding a Document Page

    Adding Files

    Adding an RSS Feed

    Adding a Slide Show

    Adding a Discussion

    Adding a Blog

    Adding a Blog Post

    Site Management

    What do Parents and Students See

    Uploading School Data

    Distributing Activation Information

    Delegating Responsibilities for Content Management

    Viewing when Class Information was Last Modified

    Setting Up a District or School Home Page

    Managing the Staff Directory

    Setting Up a Group Page

    Adding a Class or Group Picture and Description

    Creating Sports, Activities, and Other Groups

    Managing Content in a List

    Reusing Old Class Materials

    Rolling Over Calendar Events

    Using the Activity Feed

    Setting Up the District Hall Pass

    Using My Hall Pass

    Building a Menu with the Navigation Editor

    Replacing an Existing Menu Using the
    Navigation Editor

    Copying Navigation Menus

    End of Year Recommended Procedures

    End of Year Recommended Procedures with GQWeb


    Changing Class Visibility

    Setting Visibility for a Folder or Document

    Setting Visibility for a Group


    Sending an E-mail Notification

    Checking the Status of Sent E-mails

    Adding an On-Screen Alert

    User Management

    Adding or Removing a User Account

    Updating Contact Information in Edline

    Resetting a User's Screen Name or Password

    Adding Another Parent Account to a Student

    Adding Users to a Group

    Linking a Staff Counselor or Coach to a Student

    User Permissions

    Determining User Activations and Permissions

    Configuring Permissions and Policies


    Changing the Design of a Specific Page

    Making a Simple Design

    Making an Advanced Design for your School

    Add-on Modules

    Adding a Homework Drop Box for Students

    Adding an Online Quiz or Assignment

    Configuring an Existing Quiz for Edline

    Adding a Survey

    Adding a Form

    Reviewing Responses Online

    Getting Started with Blackboard Open Content

    Locating and Sharing Third-party Content from Blackboard Open Content

    Creating and Publishing Blackboard Open Content

    Adding a Collaborate Session to your Class Page

    Best Practices

    Teacher Spotlight Video

    Building Teacher Pages

    The Flipped Classroom Concept

    Flipping Your Classroom