The Blackboard Collaborate Moodle Module for Web Conferencing enables your Moodle course management system (CMS) to create and launch Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions and recordings. Once integrated, Moodle will provide the following additional functions to instructors and course builders:

  • Create a public, private, or course sessions
  • Automatically invite and grant access to a session to a specific course, group, or grouping.
  • Provide access to recordings of past sessions.
  • Grade students on their Blackboard Collaborate session attendance.
  • Archive, restore, and duplicate sessions using Moodle's backup, restore, and import functions.


Create a New Session

Instructors or course editors can create new Blackboard Collaborate sessions and link them to their courses directly from the Moodle interface.

Sessions created through a course are associated with that course and its participants.

To create a course session:

  1. Log in to Moodle as a user with permission to edit the course with which you wish to associate your session.
  2. Navigate to the course page.
  3. Click the Turn Editing On button to enable editing of the course. The course page refreshes.
  4. Beside the time period you want to add the session to, click the Add an activity or resource link.

    The Add an activity or resource dialog opens.

  5. Select Blackboard Collaborate Session and click Add.

    The Adding a new Blackboard Collaborate Session window opens.

    Select the appropriate settings for the session.

    Item Description
    Session Information
    Title (Required) A title for the session. This title will appear as the name of the link to this session.
    Session Name A name which will appear on the session access page. If blank, the session title will be used.
    Description A description which will appear on the session access page.
    Common Module Settings
    Group Mode This setting has 3 options:
    • No groups - There are no sub groups, everyone is part of one big community
    • Separate groups - Each group member can only see their own group, others are invisible
    • Visible groups - Each group member works in their own group, but can also see other groups
    The group mode defined at course level is the default mode for all activities within the course. Each activity that supports groups can also define its own group mode, though if the group mode is forced at course level, the group mode setting for each activity is ignored.

    If this is set to Separate groups or Visible groups, the scheduling server will create a separate session for every group that exists in the course.

    Grouping A grouping is a collection of groups within a course. If a grouping is selected, students assigned to groups within the grouping will be able to work together. Sessions will be created only for groups included in the grouping.
    Available for group members only If this checkbox is ticked, the activity (or resource) will only be available to students assigned to groups within the selected grouping.

    Note: This is an experimental feature in Moodle. It will not be visible unless it is activated, and it may have unexpected behavior.

    Visible Makes the session invisible to anyone without the Moodle role permission of moodle/course: viewhiddenactivities.
    ID number Setting an ID number provides a way of identifying the activity for grade calculation purposes. If the activity is not included in any grade calculation then the ID number field may be left blank.

    The ID number can also be set in the Gradebook, though it can only be edited on the activity settings page.
    Session begins These times will appear on the session access page as the beginning and ending times of this session. They will also determine the times for this session in the course calendar and any exported calendars. The start time must be after the current time. These times are displayed in the local time of the Moodle server, not the local time of your computer. The session will be accessible during this time frame plus the Early session entry time.
    Session ends
    Early session entry The session will be available this many minutes before its official start time. During this time, students can join the session to configure their audio equipment, and instructors can edit in-session settings and upload content.

    Editing this setting may be disabled by a Moodle administrator.

    Display early session entry time If set, a message will appear on the session access page indicating how early participants may join the session. Otherwise, participants will not know if the room is available early.
    Session Attributes
    Recording mode Select Manual, Automatic, or Disabled.
    • Manual - Any moderator may begin recording the session at any time.
    • Automatic - A new recording will begin when the first participant enters the room.
    • Disabled - The session cannot be recorded.
    Max talkers This is the maximum number of people who may have their microphones enabled at the same time during this session. Participants will not be able to click the Talk button within the session if this number of participants already have their Talk buttons depressed. They will have to wait for one of the talkers to click their talk button again.
    Restrict session Participants Checking this option will create a private session that can only be accessed by invited Participants. Moderators and Participants can be managed from the view session page.

    This option does not apply to sessions with a Group Mode of visible or separate. Participation in that type of session can be managed via group membership.
    Enable session teleconferencing Allow session participants to dial into sessions via teleconference.

    Once this option is enabled, the Telephone number and PIN will be available on the view session page.
    Session Grading
    Grade this session When selected, this session will show in the Gradebook and a Grading attendance option must be selected.
    • No Grade - Attendance for the session is not tracked, but the session will show in the Gradebook to allow for text feedback to be entered.
    • Scale Grade - If a Student attends the session, they will be assigned the best grade in the selected scale. (Grade scales are customizable and can be added and removed. These are managed in Site Administration >Grades >Scales.)
    • Numerical Grade - If a Student attends the session, they will be assigned the full numerical grade selected for this session.
    Grade attendance If selected, the session will generate a report indicating which course participants attended.
    Group Settings
    Custom group session name If selected, multiple sessions will be created, each with the name of a different group within the course appended to its name. This will allow you to use different sessions for different groups. Users who click the link to the session will automatically enter the session determined by their group membership.
    Prefix description with group name Adds the group name to the description if you checked Custom Group Session Name above.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • Click Save and display to show the session access page.
    • Or, click Save and return to course to return to the course where you created this session.