Additional organization tools wherever you need it!

Labels help you further organize the content for your sections. You can use labels as a heading to separate related content. Labels can include text, images, or multimedia players. You can create a clearly organized and engaging course by drawing the user's eye to key elements with labels.

If you see a gauge icon on any of your labels, your institution uses Ally to measure the accessibility of course content. To learn more, see Ally help for instructors.

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme

Create a label

Open the page in your course where you want to create a label.

Steps in Snap: Create learning activity or resource > Label > Add

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Add an activity or resource > Label > Add

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme
  1. Place text, images, or multimedia into the Label text area. In the HTML editor, use the toolbar toggle to show more buttons for text formatting and adding images and multimedia.
  2. Optionally, make selections in the Common module settings.

    More on common settings

  3. Select Save and return to course to view the changes.