Course categories organize courses for your institution's site. However, teachers and students will find it easier to find their classes if they are organized in descriptive categories, such as by departments or topics.

You can create categories on either the Course and Category Management page, or the Add a Category page.

Add a Category

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Courses > Add a category

  1. From Site administration select Courses and Add a category.
  2. Select a Parent category for your new category.

    For example, you can have a main category of Humanities to be divided into Literature, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts.

  3. Type the Category name for your new category.
  4. Type the Category ID number.

    Optional - The ID number of a course category is only used when matching the category to an external system.

  5. Type a Description for the category.
  6. Select Create category.

You can add courses to your categories and further manage your categories in the Course and Category Management page.