Improvements to prevent printing a question across pages – 3900.95 

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Impact: Instructors 

In response to client feedback, we enhanced the print functionality for assessments to ensure a more user-friendly experience. For the following use cases, questions now print so that a question is not separated incorrectly on the physical or digital paper page break (e.g., in PDFs). This improves readability and ease of use for instructors and students alike.

  • Question headers will split the question number and points possible across pages
  • Question header will not split the header from the question text
  • Question answer icons and text will not split across pages
  • Tables, lists, and images will not split across pages
  • Very large text answer options may span pages, but the answer choice icon (e.g. option A) will display next to the first line of text rather than aligning to the center of the option
  • In matching questions, the prompt/answer heading will not split from the answer pairs 

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed. 

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