Enhanced privacy controls for Student IDs – 3900.95

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Impact: Administrators
Related topic: Customize User Information

We aim to support our clients' unique policies and use cases relating to personal information. Administrators can already:

  • Restrict the display of certain fields for all users within the environment
  • Reveal usernames to selected staff members through role-based privileges

With the new role-based privileges, administrators can now customize access to student IDs.

For example, instructors can be granted visibility of student IDs. This is helpful for distinguishing between students with similar names. At the same time, administrators can apply restrictions to prevent other roles from viewing student IDs.

We've also added a new privilege: “Show student/participant ID even when hidden from other users.” This privilege provides an extra layer of control by allowing specified users to see Student IDs. This ensures that only designated personnel have access to this information when necessary.

In the past, to view the student ID, a user was required to have access to edit the student information. This is no longer necessary. 

Image 1. Customize User Information configuration from Administrator Tool Panel; select Customize User Information in Users section to access this page

User Information configuration from Administrator Tool Panel

For administrators: We recommend reviewing and modifying privileges according to your institution’s policies. With the introduction of a new privilege, we advise verifying custom roles. 

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