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Impact: Instructors 
Related topics: Grading & Submissions and Grade Multiple Attempts

The value of multiple attempts on an assessment ranges from support of mastery learning to reducing student anxiety. To help instructors grade assessments with multiple attempts, we have added new settings.

When an instructor chooses to allow multiple attempts, there is now a way to see which attempt(s) display as Needs Grading.

From the ‘Attempts to grade’ menu. The options are:

  • First attempt
  • Last attempt (default)
  • All attempts

Example: An assessment allows 3 attempts; a student made 3 submissions

OptionAttempt(s) counting towards Needs GradingNeeds Grading count
First attemptThe first attempt submitted by the student1
Last attemptThe last attempt submitted by the student1
All attemptsAll attempts submitted by the student3

Instructors will always have access to all attempts submitted by a student in the grading interface. The Attempts to grade setting only controls which attempts display as Needs Grading.

If All attempts is selected, the instructor must also select the calculation method for the student’s grade.

From the Final grade calculation menu, the options are:

  • Average 
  • Highest (default)
  • Lowest

 Image 1. Updated 'Attempts to grade' setting

Options available for Attempts to grade setting

Image 2. New 'Final grade calculation' setting

Options available for Final grade calculation setting

Image 3. Updated Submissions page with the Needs Grading filter applied; in this example, the instructor elected to grade the last attempt, which is now also displayed

Submissions page filtered to include needs grading for latest attempt

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed. 

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