Training and Development Manager 2.9.1

Released to test and production on May 3, 2024.

This version includes improvements in one area that impact administrators, managers, and learners.

Waitlist Support v 2.9.1

Impact: Learners, Managers, Administrators

As part of this release, we are introducing the waitlist capability to our course catalog. This feature enhances flexibility in course enrollment by allowing managers to enable waitlists for offerings that reach maximum capacity. Key highlights include:

  • Waitlist support: Managers can enable waitlists for their offerings, allowing learners to join when maximum enrollment capacity is reached.
  • Learner Registration: Learners can join the waitlist when an offering is full, expressing interest in future enrollment.
  • Manager Review and Enrollment: Managers receive notifications for waitlisted learners and can enroll them as needed, maintaining control over the process.
  • Status Updates: Learners receive updates upon enrollment from the waitlist, ensuring they stay informed.

Image 1. Manager enables the waitlist for the offering.

The allow waitlist option

Image 2. Learner adds self to the waitlist.

Option to leave a note when adding self to waitlist

Image 3. Manager enrolls the learner in the offering.

Option to send email after enrolling from waitlist

For administrators: This feature is available for all TDM offerings. The email templates for the waitlist can be defined by administrators.