Prevent auto-assigning members in self-enrollment groups – 3900.93

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Impact: Instructors 
Related Topic: Create and Manage Groups

Instructors use self-enrollment groups to provide agency to students on group activities. Currently, at the end of the enrollment period, unassigned students are always distributed into groups. To improve the use of self-enrollment groups for optional activities, instructors can now opt-out of this behavior. Instructors can deselect the option, which does not enroll students who do not self-enroll by the end of the enrollment to any group. This option gives instructors more flexibility when managing self-enrollment groups. 

Image 1. The auto-enroll check box sets the behavior at the end of the self-enrollment period

Groups page showing Self-Enrollment checkbox

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed. The default behavior is unchanged.

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