Illuminate April 2024 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 30 April 2024
Reporting, Updated Features

Our April 2024 release includes:

  • Improvements to our Home Page for a consistent and better user experience.

    Role-Based Access is now available for clients using Institutional Authentication with SAML as their identity provider. This feature allows access to compartmentalized reports, enabling administrators to give users the permissions to log into reporting and access data only from the nodes they are associated with.
    Now, administrators can assign roles and permissions to allow or restrict user access to specific reporting areas.

    Find out more about Role-Based Access and Roles and Permissions

    In Custom Reports, a feature of the Illuminate Enhanced Reporting premium upgrade, Authors can now easily create visualizations through simple drag-and-drop actions, selecting metrics from pre-built datasets already connected in their instances. This eliminates the requirement for SQL skills. 
    Pre-built datasets included are:

    • Person Course Summary
    • Learning Filters All Roles
    • RLS Filters

    Additionally, Authors can now choose to cache data and refresh it based on their preferred schedule. They can also upload flat files like CSVs or Excel spreadsheets, enabling seamless incorporation of external data into Enhanced Reporting.

  • Other improvements and bug fixes:
    In Learning:

    • In the Social and Collaborative Engagement Report we solved an issue with the Institutional Hierarchy Levels and the Tool type filters. In the Virtual Engagement tab, we also fixed an issue with the x-axis of the stacked bar for the student distribution by participation in Collaborate sessions. Those values are now correctly sorted.
    • The Student Summary Report now supports Role Based Access.

    In Leading: