Ally 2.8.2 | Release to production: February 22, 2024

Update on D2L Brightspace HTML file reprocessing

As a follow-up to the release of Ally 2.8.1, the feature enhancement to treat “HTML” content as WYSIWYG content in Brightspace is now active for all regions for new content. File rescoring of older HTML content is also completed for clients in our Canada, Asia, and Europe regions.

Rescoring of older content for US clients is still in progress and will be confirmed once completed.

Important note for administrators

Configuration documentation has also been updated to note that the Instructor Feedback for WYSIWYG content (Rich Text Editor content) feature flag does not disable the new Instructor Feedback or quick fixes on HTML files uploaded or created in D2L Brightspace.

See more information about Ally Feature Flags in the Ally Configuration Help page.

Ally Support for Moodle version 4.2

As part of the Ally team's efforts to improve the development and availability of the Ally plugin for Moodle, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing the plugins for the Moodle 4.2 version.

The plugins for version 4.2 are available on the Moodle pages below:

Documentation for the plugin configuration and supported themes is available in the Ally help documentation.

For managed hosted clients we always recommend you check with your Moodle provider to ensure version compatibility based on your upgrade plans.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue in Learn integrations where in some cases the browser configuration caused an authorization popup requesting credentials that prevented instructors from editing an Ultra document after attaching and previewing a file scored by Ally.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue in the Instructor Feedback Preview where screen readers could not identify highlights of videos without captions and prevented users from locating them in WYSIWYG content.