Blackboard Data Reporting June 2023 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 6 June 2023

In our June release of Blackboard Data, we have deployed a new sub-model for SIS data, CDM_SIS. Initially, this is empty for all clients but available in your Snowflake reader account so that you can browse the structure. It is also documented in the data dictionary. In the future, we plan to automatically populate this sub-model for all clients licensing both Learn SaaS and Anthology Student SIS, additionally, we are considering an ingestion service to enable all clients to populate this sub-model with SIS data.

More information on these future plans will be shared in our product roadmap sessions.

Additionally, we have added a new table containing course progress data for students in Ultra courses with this feature enabled. In future, we plan to add this valuable data to relevant reports in Blackboard Data Reporting.

For more information, see the CDM Change Log and Data Dictionary entries listed therein.