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Impact: Administrators

Various record types have different states. For example, an enrollment can be unavailable. This allows instructors to continue to grade student work and submit a final grade even when the student can no longer access the course. An enrollment can also be set to disabled. In this state, the enrollment is locked and hidden from users. A student information system (SIS) might disable an enrollment when a student drops the course.

Previously, administrators had to rely on data integration processes to change a record’s enablement state. This could require processing a file through the integration framework.

Now administrators can toggle the enablement state in the administrator panel. They can modify user, course, organization, and enrollment records. This allows administrators to temporarily re-enable a course or user to access information. It can also allow a help desk representative to grant access to a user waiting on an institutional data process.

When a user first enables or disables a record in the user interface, they must accept a disclaimer. It must only be accepted one time. Manual record changes are captured in the system logs.

Image 1. Administrator manually disables a course

Administrator manually disables a course

Image 2. Administrator re-enables an enrollment record

Administrator re-enables an enrollment record

For administrators: By default, only a full System Administrator (role Z) can use this feature. There are 5 new privileges that can be configured to distribute this privilege to others at the user or node level. This allows granting access specifically to the types of records one should manage.

  • Administrator Panel (Courses) > Courses > Edit > Enrollments > Enable/Disable
  • Administrator Panel (Courses) > Courses > Enable/Disable
  • Administrator Panel (Organizations) > Organizations > Edit > Enrollments > Enable/Disable
  • Administrator Panel (Organizations) > Organizations > Enable/Disable
  • Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > Enable/Disable

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