Blackboard Data Reporting March 2023 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 08 March 2023

The March 2023 release of Blackboard Data Reporting includes one new report in Preview release and the following improvements:

Our upcoming Course Summary report provides insight into student engagement and performance, course design, and instructional practice for a single course, and allows filtering of activity between a set of dates. We’re offering early access to this report to those institutions who opt-in to our “Preview” release program. The current version of the report includes the Student Engagement and Performance tab and an Overview tab, with links to feedback surveys directly in the report. To find out more about the Preview Release program, and to opt-in, use the link: Preview Release Opt-In

Other improvements & bug fixes:

  • In Learning, the “Social and Collaborative Report” now includes all Collaborate sessions with roles other than student or guest present (Facilitator, Teaching assistant, Grader), whereas it previously only considered sessions with an Instructor role present.
  • In all reports, “child” courses are now filtered out to avoid false negatives for student activity and instructor presence.