Updated Text for Copies and Imports – 3900.62

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When copying entire courses or individual items from courses, instructors may have seen the following message: "Oops! An error occurred copying your content". The message has created concerns when copying materials from Original courses. The text gives the impression that there are a lot of errors with copy and conversion. Yet, most exceptions are notifying instructors of changes during conversion.

Image 1. Misleading Error Message

Misleading Error Message

We have updated the message to reduce the association of exceptions with errors. Exceptions are for the most part changes to content during conversion. Our hope is that this change will reduce fear when copying from Original courses.

Image 2. Updated Error Message

Updated Error Message

Another example of where we have made a change is with the results from a copy, import, or conversion. Before, instructors would see this message under each category: "# items were not copied". The message gave the impression that each exception message was a failure to copy, which is not true.

Image 3. Misleading Text on Copy Results

Misleading Text on Copy Results

We have updated the message to inform users that they have exceptions to review.

Image 4. Updated Text on Copy Results

Updated Text on Copy Results

For administrators: There are no administrative configurations required.

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