LTI Tool Content: Standardize default icons – 3900.62

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Impact: Administrators

Content icons are an important aspect of identifying content types in the course. In the past, when LTI tool icons were not defined the iconography was inconsistent. Now, all LTI tool icons that are not defined will display the default rocket icon.

These icons appear in these locations in the base navigation and Ultra course:

  • Content Outline
  • Gradebook grid view
  • Gradebook list view
  • Gradable Items tab
  • Students Grades Overview
  • Grades tab on Base Navigation
  • Course Calendar Day Schedule
  • Course Calendar Day Due Dates
  • Base Nav Calendar Day Schedule
  • Base Nav Calendar Day Due Dates
  • Books & Tools
  • Base Nav Calendar
  • Overall Calculations

Image 1. LTI Tools default icon as shown on the Course Content page

TI Tools default icon as shown on the Course Content page

For administrators: We recommend administrators review LTI placement configurations. When the tool provider manages their icons, those are always used and cannot be changed. When the tool provider does not supply an icon, the administrator can add one. When no icon is defined, a default icon is used.

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