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Impact: All users

It is sometimes difficult to remember the location of a course item. In the past, locating an item was a time-intensive task and unintuitive. Searching for the item would involve opening every folder or learning module to find the item.

You can now search course content titles to find these items on the course content page. The course search icon, a magnifying glass, is easy to find at the top of the course content page. When a user types a few letters, the course search function displays a list of matching items by title. A user may expand the search results to view more information related to the course item(s).

Image 1. Course content with course search icon in top right

Course content with course search icon in top right

Image 2. Course Search Text Box

Course Search Text Box

Image 3. Course Search findings

Course Search findings

Image 4. “Show all item results” window

“Show all item results” window

Image 5. “Clear search” option

Clear search” option

For administrators:This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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