Ally 2.5.7 | Release to production: February 14, 2023

Updated features

On-Demand Domain Scan is now available in Ally for Web

Ally for Web administrators can now trigger scans of web domains directly from the Ally Accessibility report using the new Crawl Domain button. With this feature, institutions can trigger a crawl "on-demand" in between the normally scheduled crawls —to check recent content or section updates— to provide greater flexibility when tracking and fixing content issues. 

Screenshot of Institutional Report with the "Crawl domain" button highlighted

After clicking Crawl Domain, administrators can see the scan progress or cancel the scan at any time. 

Screenshot of "Scan in progress" banner

Administrators will be notified through the user interface while the report is being updated.

Screen shot of Updating report banner

Scheduled automated scans will continue to run as intended, as soon as the on-demand scan is completed.  

Screenshot of "Scan complete"

For more information, please review the Scan on Demand documentation on the Ally for Web help page.

If you'd like to provide additional feedback regarding the new Scan on Demand feature for Ally for Websites, please fill out this short anonymous survey.