Ally 2.5.1 | Release to production: January 5, 2023

Updated features, Learn integration, Canvas integration, Moodle integration, D2L Brightspace integration

Bug fixes and improvements

  • A help link is now displayed in the Instructor Feedback when guidance is not available yet. This link provides instructors access to resources that help them improve their content. This help link uses the custom help configuration, which is still done in the Ally administration panel. Learn how to configure Ally user help settings.
    Screenshot of Ally with help link in the bottom left corner
  • In cases where a standalone image is set as decorative, Ally's accessibility score will increase to 100%. As of now, Ally shows a warning message stating:
    • The image may need further improvements if there are additional accessibility issues. For example, an image that is marked as decorative could still induce seizures, even if it has a 100% score.
    • These improvements can be reviewed in the Course Accessibility Report or the Institutional Report
      Screenshot of Ally with warning stating the image may need further improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the Ally score indicator was missing in the WYSIWYG content in the Canvas rich content editor (RCE). This was due to recent updates, published in the Canvas Deploy Notes 2022-12-20. As of now, the Ally score indicator and instructor feedback are fully compatible with all new RCE updates and features done by Canvas.
  • Fixed an issue regarding keyboard navigation within Ally's Instructor Feedback for WYSIWYG content. The problem was that the space bar didn't navigate as expected when a user selected a specific accessibility issue.
  • Fixed an issue where Ally was not announcing the loading status message to assistive technologies whilst downloading an Alternative Format.