Community Engagement 10.40

Release 10.40 available 29 Nov and 6 Dec 2022    

The 10.40 release includes bug fixes and backend changes.

Resolved issues

  • Messages
    • We've fixed an issue where users couldn't play audio attachments of draft messages in the saved messages folder.
    • We've fixed an alert message text with the HTML code in the 'generate passwords' setting.
  • Reports
    • We fixed the loading issue with the teacher messaging report.
  • Social media
    • We've fixed an issue in the feeds to stop showing deleted tweets.

Backend changes

  • We've removed the PEM file expiry verification for clients who've migrated to the token-based authentication.
  • We'll show the modified time in the tables in Reach.
  • We're introducing the activity stream feature. Toggle the button to show your activity stream on the app home screen. Turn this setting off to show the menu icons alternatively.
  • We've streamlined to email the tipline summaries to clients at 9 PM EST.
  • We've renamed the Fastlane tab to Certificates.
  • We're introducing a feature that allows school districts to set a branding color for the district app.