Ally 2.4.8 | Release to production 24 November 2022

Updated features, D2L Brightspace integration

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Coinciding with the recent D2L Brightspace Release (November 2022/20.22.11) that updates the configuration variables needed for the Ally integration, we have also updated the names of these variables in the Ally configuration UI and associated documentation to match. 

    This change does NOT affect the functionality of Ally and should not require any reconfiguration of the Ally integration.  Values from the current variable names will be migrated to the new variables by D2L.  Future updates to the D2L configuration variables will continue to be managed by D2L, including the eventual removal of the old variable names at a later date. 

    If you need additional information related to Ally configuration, please refer to Ally in D2L Brightspace.  If you have any additional questions regarding the Ally configuration please contact us via the Behind the Blackboard platform.   If you have any questions about the D2L Brightspace release, please continue to contact your D2L support team.