Ally 2.4.7 | Release to production 16 November 2022

Updated features, Learn integration, Canvas integration, Moodle integration, D2L Brightspace integration

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The “Help” option within the Alternative Formats modal had an issue when it was used with a screen reader since there was a visual confirmation on the screen that was not being read. This issue is now fixed.
  • In Canvas, you can configure two instances working together for the authentication of users. This can be done using a Trusted Canvas Instance. For more info about Trusted Canvas Instance visit, the Canvas blog about Configure Trusted Canvas Instance Authentication in Canvas

    Ally cannot access this type of account, which was causing synchronization errors of the courses behind this authentication schema.  Now, Ally excludes these accounts through a filter embedded in Ally. Therefore, there are no synchronization errors are displayed for terms and courses using Trusted Canvas Instances. 

    Ally clients using Canvas do not have to reconfigure any authentication method or configuration with Ally, as this filter is embedded within the Ally logic.