Enhanced auto save capability in the Content Editor in Tests & Assignments – 3900.50

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Impact: Students

Test anxiety is a real problem that some students face today. To help, we want to ensure that students have confidence that all progress in an assessment is auto saved. In the past, student responses entered in the content editor only auto saved when a student clicked outside of the content editor.

Now student responses entered in the content editor auto save two seconds after the student stops typing. The "last saved" time is displayed at the bottom of the assessment. This time stamp auto updates.

Image 1. Last saved time stamp

Last saved time stamp for auto save capability of the content editor

If there is a disruption in connectivity, students receive a "Connection lost" warning. This warning informs students that they must act to re-establish the connection. When the connection is restored, the student’s work is saved automatically.

Image 2. Connection lost warning

Connection lost warning for auto save capability in the content editor

Auto saving is independent of any browser undo function. When a student uses the undo action, contents change according to browser behavior. Any changes because of an undo action will auto save.

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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