Ally 2.3.4 | Release to production 10 August 2022

Updated features, D2L integration, Canvas integration, Learn integration, Moodle integration

Reporting for additional Org Units in D2L

Systems using a shared instance of D2L can have multiple org units within their hierarchical configuration. For example, one system shares D2L on multiple campuses. Ally now has provided a way to navigate through the institutional report at the different sub-levels, regardless of the org unit configuration. Which makes it flexible for any system configuration. To have this setup in your report you need to create a support ticket.

Institutional report in Ally showing the Directory tab open. A list of multiple org units.

Ally 2.3.4 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We have created a new endpoint in the Ally API which allows clients to download CSV files to get the information in a specific term. It provides two files: one with an aggregated overview of a selected term, and a second one with a by-course view of all data for the selected term.

For further information refer to the Ally API documentation in the User Group.

  • Fixed an issue where the Canvas Accessibility checker was still displayed at the bottom of pages after disabling it from the Ally configuration.