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Description field length increased to 750 characters - 3900.44


Blackboard Learn SaaS
Ultra Experience
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Impact: Instructors

Instructors use the description field to provide more information about their content. In the past, the description field was limited to 250 characters. Now this field supports up to 750 characters.

Students can now better identify the topic of content.

Learn will inform the instructor the number of characters entered.


Image 1. Learn Ultra informs instructors the amount of characters supported.

Max length for the description field is now expanded to 750 characters

Image 2. Learn Ultra informs instructors when there are no available characters remaining.

Learn lets instructors learn they have written a specific number more characters allowed

Image 3. Learn Ultra informs instructors if they have exceed the number of supported characters. The number of excess characters appears. The border of the description field shows in the color red.

Learn lets the user know that they have surpassed the limit of characters allowed for the item description

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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